Remote Learning

Mobile Hotspots

   We now have a limited number of mobile hotspots available for student use. Please be aware that these are T-Mobile hotspots. Just like any cellular service, they may have limited coverage in certain locations so the hotspot may not work in your area. If you are having trouble getting service, try placing the hotspot in a window toward an open side of your home. These hotspots also have a 100 gb data cap for the life of the hotspot which is the end of June. They should be used sparingly for school related homework and projects only as these tend to use little data. Please refrain from using them for streaming of videos and meetings as one day of Teams or Meet calls will use the entire amount of data. Below are the instructions for connecting your Windows device or Chromebook to the hotspot. Please fill out this form to request a hotspot and we will get it to your student as soon as possible.

Hotspot Request Form - please read the above information before requesting a hotspot.

Connecting to TMobile Hotspot - Chromebook
Connecting to TMobile Hotspot - Windows