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We are now using Remind as the official communications tool for all schools and the district. Important tips and instructions below will assist, including subscribing to district messages if you do not currently receive them. If you are not receiving messages, please check you ParentVue to make sure your contact information is correct. You can update that information directly through ParentVue. Your contact information is located under My Account in the top right corner.


Remind App

Get the Remind App for your Android or Apple device by visiting this page:


Add Remind Notifications (for those who do not get MCPS messages)

If you are not part of the Remind mass communications system and would like to get district notifications and messages (like school closings), please join the Remind MCPS District School at this link or send a text message to 81010 with @mcpsd as the message. Text messages from the district will come from 424-285-1116. 


School Codes and Phone Numbers

Listed below is the school name, the Remind school code, and the Remind telephone number. The telephone number will always be the same, so it may be good to let parents and students know the number associated with a school.


  • Baker Elementary School, @mcps-baker, 720-606-4708
  • Battle Creek Elementary, @mcps-bces, 908-922-4037
  • Battle Creek Middle School, @mcps-bcms, 708-315-2693
  • Brown Elementary, @mcps-brown, 412-593-2033
  • Columbia Central High School, @mcps-chs, 706-229-7225
  • Culleoka Unit School, @mcps-cus, 617-505-4894
  • E. A. Cox Middle School, @mcps-eacox, 804-318-3677
  • Hampshire Unit School, @mcps-hus, 720-606-4772
  • Highland Park Elementary School, @mcps-hpes, 703-940-1924
  • Howell Elementary STEM School, @mcps-rhes, 804-250-3614
  • J.E. Woodard Elementary School, @mcps-wes, 321-732-6388
  • Marvin Wright Elementary School, @mcps-mwes, 573-535-5505
  • Mt Pleasant High School, @mcps-mphs, 424-543-6455
  • Mt. Pleasant Elementary, @mcps-mpes, 832-324-3880
  • Mt. Pleasant School of the Arts, @mcps-mpms, 678-792-4998
  • Northfield Academy, @mcpsac, not available yet
  • Riverside Elementary School, @mcps-res, 941-900-3284
  • Santa Fe Unit School, @mcps-sfus, 909-895-6075
  • Spring Hill Elementary School, @mcps-shes, 812-718-4527
  • Spring Hill High School, @mcps-shhs, 240-764-4437
  • Spring Hill Middle School, @mcps-shms, not available yet
  • Virtual School, @mcps-virt, not available yet
  • Whitthorne Middle School, @mcps-wms, 402-415-2159
  • Maury County Public Schools, @mcpsd, 424-285-1116



If someone wants to stop getting messages from a specific school, they can reply to the school message with @leave. If someone wants to stop ALL messages from ALL schools, have them respond to the school message with @stopall. They can then rejoin any school above if they choose @stopall by texting 81010 and the school's code. 


Joining a School              

To receive messages from specific schools in your district, you must join the schools. Once you are a member of the schools, the schools will appear under the Schools section of your left navigation panel. Follow the instructions in the link below to add a school to your Remind account.


Removing a School
If you are getting school messages you do not need; you can remove schools in your account settings under profile (scroll down to see schools). See the instructions located here: